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Cosy comfortable luxury when you cannot be there to care

Our newly built chalets are situated in a rural garden setting on the main A165.



All accommodation is built to Feline Advisory Bureau standards and cater for all types of your feline friends, whether young old, or infirm.


We have both full height chalets, and penthouse chalets so there is no problem for the older cat, or any cat recovering from infirmity.


All cats have individual diets catered for. The chalets are heated and thermostatically controlled, ensuring a comfortably warm sleeping area


All play runs are covered to remain dry whatever the weather.

All cats receive individual attention, they are not just left alone all day long. We know how our own cats would be depressed if they did not have their playtime and cuddle time each day.



For your cats protection, we insist on vaccination certificates being produced 

when cats are admitted 


"Snugglepuss News"

Due to the high demand we have just built another 12 units bringing the cattery up to over 50 chalets, The units have faster heating in to bring the chalets heat up to temperature quickly and have even thicker wall insulation to keep heat loss down to a minimum for our furry friends.


We could not find a chalet design up to our standard on the open market so we have gone into production of our own special design. 







Opening Hours 

Mon-Sat, 0900hrs  - 1100 hrs and 1600 to 1730 hrs

Sunday 0900 -          1100 hrs  and 1600 to 1730 hrs



Here are a few cats that have boarded at Snugglepuss,