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Just a note to let you know that Oliver has settled down brilliantly with us now. We had our moments with him at first as he was so frightened of us, as he spent the first couple of weeks on top of a wardrobe, only coming down when he was hungry.
Now I think he's ruling the roost. He really has brought Scraggs out of himself now as he seemed so depressed after losing Tiddles.Thankyou for bringing us together
Best wishes
Andy and Elaine Preston


From Fiona and Paul.

Just to say thank you for our beautiful pussy cat "Charlie". He is brilliant and is enjoying playing and chasing around with his new brother "Sweep" Couldn't have asked for a nicer cat-the whole family adores him.

Thank you so much for going to the trouble and mess around of finding the right cat for us.

Hopefully Sweep and Charlie will see you at holiday time..


From Jackie and Angela.

Thank you so much Snugglepuss







This is a copy of one of the many e-mails we receive

Hi Jackie,

Last year we visited you looking for a kitten but ended up taking a chance on a 5 year old male tabby cat called 'Charlie' that you and Loretta suggested trying. He had been brought into you because he did not get along with the owners new cat!  A year down the road with a new name 'Wolfie', he lives with and plays with two other cats also from the RSPCA via Lorretta, a dog and two young children.  When we got him it was obvious he had never lived with a dog before but after a couple of weeks careful introducing they were fine.  He really is a truly lovely cat who we all love dearly and it just goes to show that with patience and kindness a cat will adapt and settle to a new environment.  Thank you so much from Milly and family - Driffield   



Hi Jackie

Just to let you know Max & Paddy (Smokey & Gizmo) have settled in and now rule the roost as you can see they have claimed the bottom bunk as theirs!!

Thanks for 2 lovely cats.....complete tarts the pair of them

Stevie, Stuart, Tommy, Jamie & Joshua








New Owners Advice Notice


When re-homing a new cat

Please be aware Cats do not understand that when you take them to a new home, they are going to a loving caring place.

It will take several days if not weeks to enable them to trust you.

They may well hide, climb curtains, try to escape, or even attack by way of defending themselves against been hurt.

A small number of the cats,  have come from less than perfect homes and are severely traumatized, and very fearful of new situations.

Children can really freak out a cat who has had a bad start. Even a normal cat can find some children hard to take. If your children are unruly, please think twice before inflicting them on a poor cat.  If the cat defends itself with teeth and claws maybe its not the cat who is at fault.

It takes commitment, lots of patience and caring, and most of all,  special people to provide the security and love these animals need.

If you want a furry cuddly lap cat that is perfect in every way as soon as you take it home, think again, our advice is  buy a soft toy.

There is nothing as rewarding than to take a cat that has been traumatized and with love patience and understanding, give the cat back its faith in human beings. Only then will it become a pet.  Cats do not give affection you have to earn it.