Directions to Snugglepuss
Cosy comfortable luxury when you cannot be there to care
How you find us

From Scarborough.

 Take the A165 to Bridlington.  When you get to the new Reighton by pass, go up the hill on the bypass until you pass the Hunmanby turn off on your right hand side.50 metres further on you will see our  sign and the slowing down lane on your left hand side.

  From Bridlington.  Take the A165 towards Scarborough.

 At the Roundabout near the Dotterel public house, continue on the A165 (Reighton by-pass) towards Scarborough, 

Around 80mt towards scarborough from the roundabout you will see the Snugglepuss sign on your right hand side



Information Advice

When it comes the time for you to put your cat in the cat basket to bring it to Snugglepuss Cats Hotel 

Many cats sense that you are going away, they see you reading the holiday brochure or maybe getting your luggage out even see the holiday tickets or your passports there are many things that make cats aware that you are going away and you are about to put them in the cat basket and send them away to who knows were, All cats that stay with us do not have this problem they welcome their holiday at Snugglepuss

Here are a few Do's and Don'ts

1: Do not let your cat see the holiday brochures

2: Do not let your cat see you packing

3: Do not talk on the phone about you holiday where the cat can hear you

4: Do not get the cat basket out the same day as you want him in it, or let your cat see  it     before you have caught him

5: Do not let your cat take phone calls in case its the travel agent 

6: Do not put the TV on sky travel, cats do watch TV

7: Do not buy sun tan cream from the local super market, wait until you get to your destination

8: Do not discuss any arrangements about your holiday

9: Do not test insect sprays. Cats will think its flea treatment and run 

10: And finally only if your cat has been to Snuggle Puss Cats Hotel do you let your cat know its going to Snugglepuss, it will then jump into its basket happy in the knowledge it to is going on a safe and happy holiday.


Any of the first 9 will alert your cat and execute a response of exit stage left

Our advice would be do not let your cat know you are going on holiday,

Two weeks before you are due to go put the cat basket somewhere handy to get Puss used to its presence without it having obvious consequences. As is the nature of cats he or she will convince themselves it has nothing to do with them and treat it with contempt. The unwary will even take to sleeping in it. A sneaky spray of catnip in the far end of the basket  can sometimes entice puss to venture in of his own accord.

Start to give him a small extra feed at the time of day you will be putting him in the basket also give him a stroke as he is eating this meal

 Wait until the day you are due to bring your cat to Snugglepuss.

 Give your cat this extra feed at the normal time, and as you give him his normal stroke pick him up and put him into its basket.  Job Done (isn't theory wonderful ha ha!!)

Most cats go into baskets better in reverse. This prevents the Starfish tactics they employ with some skill to avoid capture.